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Sometimes Life Just Punches you in the Stomach!

Posted on February 7, 2014 at 10:59 AM
Let’s face it…if you need the services of a Private Investigator, you probably are having a rough go of things. People don’t call the P.I. when all is well. As a professional Private Investigator, I totally understand that when my phone rings, chances are good; I am going to hear a sad tale of possible infidelity, or that someone stole your grandma’s priceless earrings or that your teen daughter has runaway. It’s just the nature of our business. With that in mind, what Private Investigators really do is solve problems. I’m often asked, at social get-togethers, what I do for work. I often respond that I solve problems. It piques curiosity and allows for an interesting conversation. It also avoids the stock answer of “I’m a P.I.” with the requisite response being…”Ooh, like Magnum, P.I.?”

While it is true that we do a fair amount of surveillance following spouses that are unhappy in their current relationships, that is only a one component of our workload. For that matter, many folks seem to have this idea that Private Investigative work is glamorous and exciting. Sometimes it is…but often it is tedious and mired in facts, figures and fraudulent financial spreadsheets. The reality is that Private Investigators are often the last line of defense for many people who feel as though life has dealt them a stomach punch.

At Rick Raymond Investigations, we get it! We understand that you feel like screaming at the top of your lungs…or even just curling up into a ball. Life can sometimes be a royal pain. What we already know…and what our clients learn after hiring us is that we can help. We can get answers. We can provide guidance and options that can assist in most legal and relationship situations. From trying to find the hidden bank account your husband created for his secret girlfriend to assisting with establishing who the better parent is during a child custody matter, we can do that! We can find that vehicle that hit you and then fled the scene. We can find out what your teenager is doing after school when they should be at home. We can determine if your ex is really deserving of alimony or if they are living with a new boyfriend or girlfriend. That newly hired babysitter? We can find out what’s in her background. Whatever your problems are, we can provide answers and solutions. It’s what we do!

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