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A Recent Case

Posted on May 27, 2014 at 7:06 AM
The interesting thing about being a Private Investigator is the fact that each day is different. There is rarely anything "routine" about our work.

Recently, we were contacted by a client out of state. She had not spoken to her brother in a couple of months and was unable to reach him via phone or email. She had called the local police department and they had gone by the brother's residence to do a well-being check, but did not get a response at the door.

Now, according to our client, it is not unusual for her brother to "disappear" from time to time. She said he can be a bit of a recluse, once even heading to the Bahamas for 2 months without saying anything to anyone. What troubled us about this case was that the client said that it "felt different" this time for her and her family. She was certain something was amiss and requested we attempt to locate her brother.

After some initial research we headed to her brother's residence about 2 hours away. Once we arrived we noted the grass had not been mowed in quite sometime. Also, there was an inordinate amount of mail in the mailbox. Neighbors said they had not seen him in months. A knock on his front door went unanswered. Looking into the front plate glass window, we observed a large amount of dead houseflies on the floors, sofa and window sills. When we went around to the back of the residence, the smell coming form the rear door and windows confirmed our worst fears. Our client's brother was dead. By the looks of it, he had been dead for about 2 months.

We immediately notified the authorities and called our client with the sad news. She was not surprised as her brother, only 52 years old, did not take care of himself and suffered from heart and diabetic issues as well as chronic alcohol issues.

This man lay in his home for two months with no one being alarmed or concerned in his local neighborhood. He had no friends that we know of and because of his reclusive habits, even his family did not have much contact with him. We learned that his bills were all on auto-pay through his bank. He had effectively shut out the outside world.

The take away from this case is that we should take time to strengthen relationships with our friends and family. Hug your spouse and kids and live your life in such a way that others are a source of comfort and happiness in your life and that you are the same in theirs.

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